Member Benefits and Costs

Member Benefits

  • Monthly Meetings!
  • Astronomy Programs!
  • Star Parties!
  • Access to the secure club dark sky observing site!
  • Access to the club owed telescope and binoculars
  • Learn about night sky objects and how to find them!
  • Meet new friends and discover the universe!!

Member Costs

Individuals seeking membership in the Society should complete an application form and pay an application fee as follows:

  • Regular Membership: $24 Per Year
  • Family Membership: $36 Per Year
  • Student Membership: $12 Per Year(12 to 18 years of age)

The membership form requires nominating signatures of two Society members which can be obtained by attending a regular monthly meeting of the society. The nominating signatures can be made directly on the membership form or endorsements can be sent via email to any Society officer.

GHAAS Members can pay their dues with three options:

  • Attend a meeting and pay the treasurer or another officer if the treasure is not present
  • Mail a check payable to GHAAS with you name and address to the address below
  • Pay with Paypal.  We add $1.00 to help offset the processing fees.

Junior Membership (<18 yrs.) ……$12/Year

Standard Membership……………….$24/Year

Family Membership………………….$36/Year

Donations are always welcome:

Attention PayPal users. We add $1.00 to help offset the processing fees.

The Greater Hazleton Area Astronomical Society