Lee Day BIO

The Greater Hazleton Area Astronomical Society

Howdy, my name is Lee and as you might have guessed by the greeting I’m not from these parts. Yep, I am from Woodward, Oklahoma. That’s up in the Northwest part of the state. Also known as Tornado Alley. Only thing there is Sand, Sagebrush, Tumbleweeds, and Rattlesnakes. Oh yeah and DARK SKIES.

    I have been married for 24 years to a wonderful gal (She made me say that). We got married on 09.09.1999 @ 9.09 AM (That’s so I don’t forget our Anniversary). Her name is Debbie and she was born and raised here. I was an Over The Road truck driver for about 30 years. I kept my trusty telescope in the truck. Going to all 48 states, I did run across some really DARK SKIES and got to do some really good observing. Now I am a CDL instructor and soon to be a CDL Examiner come this Spring.

   My good friend John Endersby (Facebook THE MOON AND BEYOND) is the guy that got me interested in Astronomy. He set up his scope one night and was observing the moon. He said here Lee take a look at this. WOW!!! I was hooked. He helped me with my first telescope and lenses. Which was a Celestron AstroMaster 114 with a Moon filter. That was about 8 years ago. Well I since traded up to a 10″ Reflector with a SkyWatcher EQ6-R PRO Equatorial Mount.

    I like the galaxies the best but there are plenty of other objects I like to look at. I have now decided to go into Astrophotography. The technology is so advanced and now very user friendly that I think its time to start taking pictures. Our Director (Paul Smaglik) says that he can teach even an ole country bumpkin, like myself, to do the Astrophotography thing. Well I am going to put him to the test. LOL.

   Since I became a member of the Greater Hazleton Area Astronomical Society about 4 years ago, the people I have met in this club are fantastic. And also I found out that most Astronomers are COMEDIANS!!! So its always a good time when we are together. I am also the Ambassador in the club and a greeter. Which I do enjoy talking to new people. All of our members are so helpful and most of all very KNOWLEDGEABLE. They really have taught me a great deal and I’m still learning. Well I had better sign off for now. And CLEAR SKIES!!!